Australia Driving Holiday Tips – Make Seasonal Plans

Contrary to the portrayal of Australia in the famous Crocodile Dundee movies, most parts of Australia are not hot all year round. Depending on where you are in Australia, it may even be snowing! With that in mind, you must ensure your planned activities are suitable for the season. Here are some tips to make it easier.

Make the Most of the Weather

Depending on your tolerance for heat/cold, you can seek out the kind of weather you enjoy the most. Here are some tips from recent campervan hire customers.

  • Head up north (Broome, Exmouth, Coral Bay, etc.) during Winter months to seek out warm, balmy weather.
  • Head south during Winter months for invigorating forest bushwalks and refreshing rains, interspersed with warming winery visits!
  • If you’ll be driving during Summer months, stick to coastal areas where you can cool off at the beach.

Seasonal Warnings

  • During Summer, Central Australia is especially hot and not recommended for people accustomed to colder climates. Summer months may also bring cyclones in the north of Australia, so be aware.
  • Jellyfish swarms are seasonal and vary from location to location. If you’re keen to swim at the beach on your Australian driving holiday, be sure there are no jellyfish swarming in the area.
  • During Winter, you may want to avoid beach camping. Instead, we recommend taking your hire van to a holiday park, or sticking to designated camping grounds. There’s plenty to do, including bushwalking and sight-seeing.

Peak Season Can be Expensive

Peak-season sees many Aussie locals escaping to caravan parks and hotels/motels on popular coastal towns. The accommodation may be stretched to the limit and food and attractions will be expensive. Our advice is to book ahead of time, especially if you plan to park your hire campervan in a holiday park.

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