Campervan Rental Tips – 3 Considerations When Renting a Camper Van

When choosing the perfect campervan rental, there are many options and choices available to you. Of course, all of our campervans are highly recommended… and we’ve carefully selected each van before adding it to our large range.

So what should you consider when choosing your rental vehicle? Besides the obvious consideration of number of seats, here are a few more things to think about:

  1. Assembling Bedding – some vans (such as our HiTop camper van) allow you to keep your bed made up during the day. In the case of the HiTop, the bed is in the roof area of the vehicle. Other vans will require you to quickly assemble your bed in the evening, which is quite easy to do. In most cases, you’ll simply fold down the seating and insert the supplied wooden board.
  2. Cooking inside or outside? – our family cruiser vans are very popular for their rear mounted external kitchen. The kitchen is on the outside which means you get plenty of room to stand tall and move your body whilst cooking. Plus, you’re protected from rain by the rear door which opens towards the sky and forms a roof above the kitchen. Our other rental camper vans have kitchens on the inside. Whilst you’ll feel a little more confined when cooking, all the camper van internal kitchens are extremely well designed and easy to use.
  3. Standing Room – some vans give you plenty of room to stand tall, whilst in other campers you’ll need to hunch over a little. For most people, this is usually not a problem, but it’s certainly worth being aware of.

At we’re very proud of our excellent vehicles. Not only do the drive beautifully, they’re also feature packed to make your holiday fun.

Browse our site today to discover the perfect campervan rental for you.

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