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Back by popular demand, we are once again offering the fantastic 4WD + Camper Combo rental deal. That means you can rent one of our powerful four wheel drive vehicles and tow a fully equipped, super-comfortable camper. We have few different campers you can choose from.

One of the best things about renting a 4WD + Camper combo is the ability to set up a base camp for your holiday. If you’re planning on staying a few days at each destination, this is definitely the way to go. You can make your camp comfortable, before heading out for a day’s activity and off-road adventures in the 4WD. It’s always nice to know you can return at the end of the day to your base camp, without the hassle of re-erecting tents or setting up camp all over again.

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Australia Camper Rental – South West

There’s no doubt about it, renting a camper van gives you a fantastic freedom. The fact that you can go anywhere at any time is the key appeal of a driving holiday.  While it’s tempting to hit the open road with no plans, we wouldn’t recommend it.

Instead, we recommend planning an Itinerary. It doesn’t need to be detailed, but should be a basic guide to where you will travel and how long you intend to spend at each destination.

Suggested Itinerary: South-West Forest

Western Australia’s South West corner blends stunning white coastlines and blue ocean on the doorstep of lush, tall forests. It’s gourmet good, world-renown wineries and fine accommodation options make the South West a favourite place for couples seeking a romantic holiday. On the other hand, families and adventure seekers will find a plenty of fun in the South West’s farm stays, caravan parks, fishing spots, hiking trails, limestone caves and other tourist attractions.

The Western Australia Website provides travelers with beautifully detailed suggested Itineraries. As you can see, we’ve included one here so you can see how alluring they are!

Western Australia  Southern Forests Itinerary

Duration:   5 days
Distance:   981km / 610miles
Day 1: Perth to Bridgetown – 260km / 162miles
Day 2: Bridgetown to Pemberton – 67km / 42miles
Day 3: Pemberton to Walpole / Denmark – 185km / 115miles
Day 4: Denmark to Albany – 53km / 33miles
Day 5: Albany to Perth – 409km / 258miles

Get the Details of this 5 Day Trip

For more information about each of the days on this five day trip, check out the website. Just remember, you won’t need to pay for accommodation when you rent a campervan from us. For a small fee, you can choose to stay in one of the South West corner’s many well-equipped tourist parks. Alternatively, you can “freedom camp” and find a free camping ground in a quiet corner of the forest.

Australia Camper Rental for this South West Trip

You can choose either a campervan or a 4WD for your driving holiday in the South West. If you fancy hitting the beach or driving off-road, choose the 4WD option. Call our office today and talk to us about your plans. As your Australia camper rental specialists, we can recommend the right vehicle for you to suit your needs and your itinerary.

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