Covid-19 (Coronavirus) Travel Booking Update

With the ever-changing situation surrounding COVID19, we wish to provide you information regarding our Cancellation Policy as it relates to your current booking with Campabout Oz Camper Hire.

Our standard cancellation policy is outlined in the terms and conditions of hire and can be summarised as follows:

  • If cancelled 90+ days prior to pick up – Full refund of any amounts paid less $90 Cancellation Fee will apply
  • If cancelled within 60 days prior to pick up – All deposit paid will be forfeited and a $250 Cancellation Fee will apply
  • If cancelled less than 28 business days prior to pick up – 100% of Total Rental Charges will apply

During the current period where extenuating circumstances exist, such as government- mandated restrictions on travel, quarantine, etc. we have made the following exceptions to our cancellation policy.

Australian Government direction

We will waive the normal cancellation fee whilst the Australian Government has an official travel warning or ban in place that prevents you from reaching your collection point on the first day/ date of rental.

What can you do if you are affected by a COVID 19 event?

Should your booking be affected by our cancellation policy there are 3 avenues to consider;

  1. Reschedule your booking
  2. Monitor relief packages being offered by your travel insurance provider
  3. Work with us to ensure all customers have access to their entitlements based on the company’s desire to deliver a sustainable outcome for everybody


Reschedule your booking

All Tourism businesses would prefer that you POSTPONE, rather than cancel as this ensures the future of this industry and the 600,000 Australians that are directly employed in Tourism.

Our current situation is not going to last forever, and things will return to normal, including road trip holidays. You are welcome to book for the same time next year or for different dates, duration or direction of travel.

Should you wish to Postpone your booking, 100% of any cancellation fee or deposit will be offset against future travel and we will reward your support with a further discount.

For many customers it will be more advantageous to reschedule a booking rather than to cancel the booking altogether.

We are offering the following incentives for all clients to reschedule their holiday.


For rescheduled bookings; we will honor 2021/22 rental rates.


Re-booking for travel within the next 12 months will ensure that preferred dates and direction of travel are secured for the client. 

No cost changes

We do not charge fees should a booking need to be changed slightly after air travel is booked.

Changes are naturally subject to availability.

Travel Insurance

In some cases, your travel insurance provider may cover your cancellation costs.

It is becoming apparent that some providers, including those products offered by your Credit Card provider are altering their initial stance of “No cover” when Government travel restrictions have been imposed.

Contact your provider and stay abreast of their current claim payment policy.


We are in this together

In cases where you are owed money by the company we ask you to work with us.

The unforeseeable and sudden nature of the events leading to a large number of booking cancellations over a short period of time will put significant pressure on the cash reserves of all tourism providers. We are affected by this scenario.

We ask you to work with us so we can address the scale of the company’s exposure and provide a sustainable payment plan to all those that qualify. It will take the cooperation of all stakeholders to achieve this outcome.

We wish to provide the same quality service to those that are still traveling, those that have rescheduled to travel with us in the future, whilst meeting all of our obligations.

As you can understand this is a fluid situation.

The company will be constantly monitoring official advice and work to maintain the health and safety of its clients and staff.

If you have any questions, please feel free to get in contact.

Stay Informed with information from the Australian Government Department of Health

This information is valid as of 26.05.2021 as it is likely to change as the situation progresses, please check back regularly for updated information.

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