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When our customers recommend a location, we like to share it with everyone.  Coral Bay is one spot that’s frequently recommended; so we’ve decided to write about it today.

Some people come to us with their holidays fully planned. Other people come with no itinerary; just an idea to hit the open road. Whether you’re planning or ‘winging it’, we’d recommend Coral Bay as perfect destination.

Coral Bay Western Australia is a stunning destination for family travelers or individuals alike that want to experience something completely unique, distinct and memorable. Here are four great reasons why you should visit Coral Bay Western Australia on your Self Drive Holiday.

Four Fantastic Reasons to Visit Coral Bay

  1. Resort Style Facilities: Between the resort hotel, the vacation rental homes and the caravan parks there are numerous opportunities for you to lap up some luxury in the area. Whether you are traveling alone, with friends or as a family, there is going to be a lodging situation that will work for you and provide you the best possible experience while staying in Coral Bay.
  2. The Gorgeous Views: From Coral Bay Western Australia you will get a stunning and unobstructed view of the Indian Ocean. The waters in this settlement are protected by the Ningaloo Reef, so they are calm all year round. You can see vast ocean views everywhere you look. Not only are the views stunning from the shores, but if you go out on boat you can take in even more of what the area has to offer you.
  3. The Wildlife: From Coral Bay, you have easy access to the reefs, and here you will find fish, coral and plenty of other wildlife well within your reach. The fish and coral are quite accessible in the bay, even to children. The best way to see all of the stunning wildlife that Coral Bay Western Australia has to offer is by way of coral viewing boats. Tours will allow you to see turtle nesting on the local beaches, whale sharks in the bay and a variety of other rich wildlife throughout the area.
  4. The Water Sports: If you enjoy the idea of playing in the crystal clear waters, then Coral Bay is a prime destination for you. Whether you decide to go snorkeling along the coral reefs to experience the fish and wildlife first hand, or take a coral boat out to get a birds eye view of the stunning waters, there are plenty of things to do, see and experience here. There are plenty of water activities for you to take in at Coral Bay in Western Australia.

As the warmer weather hits, Coral Bay is perfect for enjoying water activities. Book your self drive camper rental holiday today and be sure to include Coral Bay on the journey planner!

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